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Indica Skincare

Determining and implementing congruent design practices launching a new product and Indica Skincare brand to a CBD market.


Let’s Meet App

Finding a heart of the style for a product, crafting delightful user experience throughout Let’s Meet App, and implement user interface design.



Designing an innovative travel portal dedicated to the rise of global Muslim travelers. Whole brand and interface design.

Tripfez logo white - Dmitry Piasecki


Studying users and creating UX strategy. Contributing to high-level strategic decisions with the executive team. Designing web & mobile site.

Blattgold-cover - Dmitry Piasecki

VirtualZ Computing

Crafting a top 10 industry recognizable brand. Designing and building the VirtualZ corporate website with a consistent look and feel.

VirtualZ cover - Dmitry Piasecki

Graphic Design

Some digital artworks, logo and identity design pieces I’ve done before I fully dove into UX/UI and Product design. Enjoy! 🙂

VirtualZ cover - Dmitry Piasecki


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